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Jyousei Shounan Info

Please be warned that this section may and probably will contain SPOILERS. Don't read if you don't want ^^;

Also, a note: I am aware that Jyousei Shounan was NOT in the manga, but they WERE mentioned. After receiving several emails about this, I decided to put up this note.
In the manga, Jyousei Shounan was beaten by Midoriyama before the latter played Seigaku in the Kantou Tournament. Likewise, Midoriyama was NOT in the anime, Jyousei Shounan beat them before playing Seigaku. The lineup of matches between the schools can be seen here. Image is taken from Genius (chapter) 162 which was scanlated and released by FET.

Basic Information [The club itself]

Character information on the Jyousei Shounan Tennis Club.

Hanamura Aoi
Kajimoto Takahisa
Shinjou Reiji
Wakato Hiroshi
Kiriyama Daichi
Oota Kakeru
Tanaka Kouhei
Tanaka Youhei

Information on games played.

Doubles 2 - Tanaka/Tanaka pair vs. Inui/Momoshiro pair
Doubles 1 - Kiriyama/Oota pair vs. Oishi/Kikumaru pair
Singles 3 - Wakato Hiroshi vs. Kaidou Kaoru
Singles 2 - Shinjou Reiji vs. Echizen Ryoma
Singles 1 - Kajimoto Takahisa vs. Fuji Syusuke

Other Games:
Street Tennis - Kajimoto/Mizuki Hajime (St. Rudolph) pair vs. Momoshiro/Kaidou Pair [Episode 102]