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Welcome to Masterpiece!

Masterpiece is a small and humble fansite dedicated mostly to the tennis club of Jyousei Shounan Gakuen from the anime/manga "Tennis no Oujisama/Prince of Tennis" It is very new and I hope to work very hard on it soon! Not many of the links work right now, I hope to get everything up and running soon ^_^

If you have any fanworks you'd like to donate, I'd really appreciate it!


This site will soon be undergoing an overhaul - more or less making it accessable to more people (aka making it not look like crap in anything other than IE) and fixing a few things, may add more screencaps at some point if I decide I have the time among running other various websites. So yus. The site will go temporarily down sometime in the near future while I redo most everything. ♥

-Katze 9/15/06

Merf. Went through and changed a few things around (mostly only finally fixing Kiku's original mistake of Kajimoto's wrong name...). One day the site will be slightly more than static, but I am lazy and have other things to do :P

-Katze 7/12/05

Nothing new except the URL has changed and Kiku has given this fansite to me. Most images & media type stuff WILL NOT WORK as I have only uploaded the main pages and not any of the other files. Real updates soon ^^;

-Katze 5/16/05